So, my unemployment was granted, and then I got a letter yesterday saying that it was reversed do to “agency error”.

It states that “Harm was caused when an employee access his/her personal account, as this opens the employer to financial harm from unauthorized changes to rates, billing, and benefits”.

I’m currently pouring through the RCW and Versus Law to find situations of past precedence to help me. If I can.

“Misconduct” does not include:

(a) Inefficiency, unsatisfactory conduct, or failure to perform well as the result of inability or incapacity;
(b) Inadvertence or ordinary negligence in isolated instances ; or
(c) Good faith errors in judgment or discretion (You accidentally made an error in judgment).

RCW 50.04.294(3)

I just paid for tuition and books for this quarter for online school. I really have decided to make an effort to get my behind through school because I really want to go to law school. But alas, I will cancel my school for this quarter so I can make sure we can survive.

Wish me Luck!


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  1. Best of luck. What you did wasn’t any kind of fraud, or with any malice. You have more than earned the right to collect unemployment, and more, you deserve it. I really hope it works out for you.

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