My Letter to Glenn Beck

As I’m recently unemployed, I’m realizing that searching for a job (something I’ve never had to do since I graduated high school) is a bit of a challenge. Granted, I have some facial modifications that make it harder for me to get a job. No, I do not regret them even a little bit. In fact, I love them [if you’re curious, you can see a picture — ] and am not interested in removing them. It just means I have to work harder to prove my intellect.

Earlier today, you spoke of everybody stepping up and changing who they are. This is something I’ve been working on for the last few years myself. I took up cycling after not having been on a bike since high school and participated in the 50 mile Tour de Whatcom. Riding for charity is amazing, and while training I learned that I can ride 60 miles at a time, and put 1400 miles on my bicycle the first year – my dad has challenged me to ride 2011 miles in 2011. I lost 40 pounds last year, lets hope I can do it again [you should come home and ride, too – its a family event]!

Because of my cycling, and the fact that I’m a single mother of a three year old, I purchased a RoadID. On the back of the ID is my name and emergency contact information, and on the front of the ID is the quote and I wear it around my neck everyday:
“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
-George Eliot-
She’s right. It is NEVER too late to be what you might have been – we can all take a look at who we are, and make changes to be what we should be. More caring. More charitable. More open and respecting of others. More aware of the world around us. More understanding about the differences between us. More knowledgeable about everything. More hands on in our own lives rather than having everybody else do things for us. More involved in our kids lives. More involved in our kids education. More excited about the endless possibilities.
I have many talents and skills, and someday hope to be able to fund myself through school and potentially attend law school. That’s my dream. I have a new found drive to pay off my house, and continue my education – since there doesn’t seem to be a scholarship fund for beautifully tattoo’d women.
The best thing I’ve discovered while cycling [and my music of choice while riding is actually your show] is that when you get tired, you can pedal slower, but you keep moving forward and you’re still burning calories.
I’ve been unemployed for the last 27 days, and its ate away at me every second. In nine years, this is the first time I’ve been unemployed. I may end up losing my house, because I have no real savings [but I won’t starve for SEVERAL months!] I may end up living in somebody’s basement somewhere… but I will stay positive, and I will continue to grow and change myself which will in turn change the world around me.
In addition to the major change in your website, you should take a look at setting up your own job posting board – The joy of living in a liberal town is that you can only get a job if you *look* conservative, whether you are or not.
Eternity Juggalo

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34. Employed. Taken. Social Media Guru. Mom. Writer. Internet. Learning. Law. Politics. Philosophy. Planes. Flight. Tattoos. Piercings. Psychology. Love. God. Technology. Piercings. Conservative. Ish.

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