Welcome to Day 6 of 2011!

Well, I’m still here.

Today I applied for a temporary position as a paralegal in a local law office – thats a task that would end up being so very easy for me because I’m drawn to positions that require you to learn.

Part of my problem with attending school is that I am so very bored by the people I’m in class with. Half of them offer the same level of insight that a high school freshman would (seriously, in my law class I was appalled by what people thought counted as “proof” or source citations), and the other half throws out some “intellectual” drivel that means they’re over analyzing. Yes, I’m critical of others. I avoided college for years because I’d always been told by those around me with influence (see “dad”) that I wasn’t smart enough for college (which is what he told me when I was pushing to do running start because high school bored me to tears). I tried to go to college two years early, but wasn’t able to go until several years later because my dad “didn’t owe me an education” which means I didn’t qualify for Financial Aid since he wouldn’t even show me his tax returns.

Road Blocks. I’m sick of em. I’ve bought a bull dozer and I’m just going to plow my way through. Do you realize I would be DONE with school by now?! Clearly a point of contention; however, I realize that these road blocks are what enabled me to realize where I stand on my work ethic. I have one. In nine years I can count on two hands the number of days I’ve been absent due to being sick. Honestly, I think I can count on just one hand.

I also attempted school while living in a terrible domestic violence situation — holes punched in the wall next to my head, and I even watch him give himself a seizure after putting his own head through the wall. I have a deep seeded fear of people I’m working to over-come. I’d really prefer a job that made me get out there more. The tattoos on my face actually are a part of that — they REQUIRE me to step up and be more assertive. If somebody looks curious about them, I ask the to ask about it. I have no shame, and I feel that they look strange at first, but they easily grow on you.

If a job asked me to “color them in” I think I’m going to have to show them a picture of what that looks like. I tried. Its not pretty. Its… hilariously comical. Far worse.

Today I bought yarn so I can braid my hair up for the Seahawks Game Saturday! SO EXCITED! Section 132 Row J. CLUB SEATS, BABY! I’ll post some pictures here when I’m done. I’m on the list for Season Tickets next year — I really need to get a job so I can pay for them!

Hire me!


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