WorkFirst – Tax Breaks for Hiring Me!

So, I’m now signed up for the WorkFirst Program down at WorkSource.

Joy. I’m required to check-in in person 3 days a week between 8a and 10a, complete a bunch of job-search courses, and two days a week I must participate in some mindless online class activity.

I was doing one earlier today. It was reading comprehension. When I was in 2nd grade, my teacher bought everybody a book at the end of the year. Everybody got “Sweet Valley Kids” type books: Big Writing, Small Words, Basic Sentences.

But not me. I got “Caddie Woodlawn”. I asked why my book was different, and the teacher said that she gave me a book that was much more in my reading and understanding level. It was a book meant for 4th and 5th graders. I loved that book — I think its still around here somewhere.

I’ve been able to read and comprehend at the level of material I’m working on since probably the first grade. It is very hard to sit and focus on this work. Even with KGMI in the background to distract my intellect.

But, the PLUS SIDE to being on WorkFirst is now employers have Tax-Incentives to hire me. Huge $$ incentives.

On-The-Job Training (OJT). This means that the employer trains me for the work I’ll be doing — and the program will pay up to 50% of my wages during the training period. . . In addition, for hiring me – they can get a tax break.

I can change my cardboard sign now: “Hire Me! Save on April 15th!” [okay, businesses pay taxes quarterly, but luckily, that creates more work for accountants as some employers don’t really know that.

I participated in a long-drawn-out training yesterday of the WorkFirst program, but learned some great resume and cover letter writing tips. I used those tips to target a resume and cover letter specifically for a job I found that I want as a dispatcher for a local gravel company.

I grew up wanting to be a truck driver. I even installed a CB in my Honda Civic [red, with camo seats] when I was 18. And, I can wear Carhartt with the best of them. . .

Crossing my fingers — I’d be perfect in that position.


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  1. I ended up doing the On the Job Training program. I ended up with a job that built up my electronic troubleshooting skills, which is now helping me in school. There are employers who will only hire people through the local unemployment program, or programs like OJT. Have you looked into the Workforce Investment Act? You’d be a WIA shoe-in of you were on unemployment, but not being on it doesn’t exclude you. They will pay up to $7,500 towards schooling.

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