Call Backs

Well, I’ve gotten two call backs this weekend for interviews.

I’m completely nervous, as the one for the dispatcher position for a local trucking company is the job I really want.

I know when I walk into a room, I’m always the LAST thing people expect to see. Between the eyebrow dot tattoos, and the 6 different facial piercings — it can be a lot to take; however, I’m one of those people that has a very clear personality. I don’t like to lie, cheat, steal — or pretend to be something I’m not.

I enjoy my modifications because they are for me. They are mine, and nobody can take them from me. I’ve had many hopes, dreams and desires yanked from me my whole life — things come up that get in the way of the things that make me happy and I get disappointed.

I’ve never felt that way about any of my tattoos. I have no tattoo regrets. I have no regrets of my piercings, and the only regret when it comes to my hair is usually cutting it too short (I love ponytails). I can generally make it about one month with “normal” colored hair before I start to spin in circles and feel like I’m not myself. Women, you know the feeling — you usually get it right before you finally give in and change the furniture arrangement around. . .

I’m fully capable of dressing up for a job, and I don’t need to change anything in my wardrobe for it — except maybe shoes. I have a recent addiction for super tall heels. . . and love cute shoes. I’ve been reading that for  an interview lower shoes are best. I think if they medium height ones go with the outfit than they’re likely not to be noticed, but I can see my 5 inch spikes being inappropriate, even though I bought them to wear with jeans.

All this rambling just to say I’m nervous. 🙂 But – I am me. Nothing can change that. Like it, Love it. . . Hire it.


About Eternity

34. Employed. Taken. Social Media Guru. Mom. Writer. Internet. Learning. Law. Politics. Philosophy. Planes. Flight. Tattoos. Piercings. Psychology. Love. God. Technology. Piercings. Conservative. Ish.

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