Tuesdays Interviews

I woke up and got my three-year old, Londyn, dressed to go to her dad’s house for the day.

Since my car is currently in the shop being repaired (and is likely going to cost around $3k I don’t have) we got packed up in my dads ’92 F-250 — which gets 14 mpg — and headed into town. I needed to drop her off at her dads, and then check in at WorkSource. I was supposed to participate in a Resume Writing Class, but I’m satisfied enough with my resume writing skills, that I didn’t need to attend.

I got home, did some further job searching, and then had my over the phone interview with Comcast — followed by a lengthy computer test.

After that I did some more job searching and putting in applications and then I began getting ready for the interview as a Dispatcher of a local trucking company.

Removed my two lip piercings, my septum ring, and my nostril rings. Applied make-up and added a little color eyeshadow and shading, but nothing over the top. Stuck with “slightly above  minimal”. Purely because with my exotic look, too minimal looks like I’m trying to hide. It looked like a muted version of the eyeshadow in my picture here.

Pulled my hair into clips, pulling the purple tips away from my face – they could still be seen, but far less obviously. Then it was time to choose my shoes.

I have a new-founded heel addiction. This time last year, I probably owned two pairs of heels. Currently, I own at least 12. The trouble is — none of them are low heels. Most of them are purchased to be parts of specific looks. I even have the cutest pair of “zombie” heels. I love to wear them with a sensible outfit, because it just fits. Never mind the fact that I don’t watch scary movies.

Since I was interviewing at a gravel quarry, heels of any kind are not appropriate. Nor are tennis shoes. It makes me very glad that I had not yet tossed out my bag of unwanted clothes, because at the bottom of the bag were a pair of brown loafer like shoes.

Drove the 45 minute drive to the interview – which was a country block away from the High School I graduated from.

I walked into the office and waited for the interviewer to come get me, and we walked over to the room I’d be interviewed in.

I was introduced to the owner of the company, and he and the person who’d be my supervisor began the interview. The owner hadn’t had a chance to glance over my resume yet, and I had printed off a copy before I went to the interview – so I’d have one that was set up in the format I’d like. I wish I’d brought two, though. But I’ve never been interviewed by two people before.

I sat nervously  through the first part of the interview, but the owner of the company was a man who was very easily read. Between him, and the other guys question I could see a growing level of respect for my answers. The nod in his head, the twinkle in his eye — and the leaning slightly forward in his chair.

Some of the questions were different than any I heard, and I answered the way that I answer any question. Truthfully, matter-of-fact-fully, and showing where my level of respect lies with management.

When asked how I would handle working where I might get dirty, rather than answer “I have no problem with it” I simply answered that I dug a pond in my yard by hand with a shovel. Nope. No problem getting dirty.

When asked if I could handle living in a “man’s world”. I wasn’t sure what he meant, so I asked. He clarified that sometimes – though the company doesn’t tolerate it – things can be said while on a job site or by the truckers that could be offensive. I answered by saying that most of my friends are guys – I tend to have hobbies that exist mainly in the male dominated world anyway. I have a good sense of humor and am great at letting stuff roll off my back, or laughing right along and keep walking.

I saw his admiration grow with that answer.

As we were going, I was getting direct feedback about my responses, which helped me feel much more comfortable. Nothing like being totally blind the whole way through the interview.

At the end he asked me a question I had no idea how to answer. “Is there a position in the company you wouldn’t want?”

I don’t exactly know the companies structure, how do I answer that?!

To be honest though – the position I was looking to fill was because the person in that seat was applying to move to a different outside position. I’m wondering if he was considering that position for me instead. I should find out by early next week if I make it to Round 2.

I feel that it was a very great interview. Even if I don’t get the position, I definitely learned a lot about myself.


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  1. I’m glad to hear that you appear to at least be getting a number of interviews!
    That is a very good sign, at least people are noticing your resume, and calling you.

    I hope something works out for you soon.

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