I Love Twitter. And @TimRothLieToMe

I am an avid watcher of two really great shows.

The first one is House. I love the show because it was smart and witty. I have to be honest, lately I watch purely out of loyalty. Its still smart and witty, but not to the caliber that it was before. The ratings of the show [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_(TV_series)#U.S._television_ratings] support my views. And, so I’m on the record on this — I loved the idea of House and Cutty before Amber died — I loathe the idea now.

The other show I live to watch is “Lie to Me”. I started watching it online as soon as the show became available and when the first season ended, I couldn’t WAIT for the second season. I was so very happy when I didn’t have to wait very long at all — the second season started almost immediately after the first, and then the third wasn’t very far behind.

Now I’m just praying for a fourth season.

There’s something about the wit behind the show. I’m an INTP personality type. Apparently this means I’m just a tad over-analytical [though I wasn’t gifted with a system to really support this, I’ve had to resort to teaching myself, and its working well]. I LOVE seeing them show what the face of shame looks like, and then following it up with a view of Bill Clintons face. I love that the show is designed to connect itself with our emotions on situations, and show us that we’re all the same. At our core – we’re all the same.

Now, the reason I love Twitter. I’ve had the opportunity to speak, or tweet rather, with several of my favorite musicians. There was nothing more exciting then seeing them reply to my question or joke in reference to them. Its not a huge deal, because I’ve met them before in person a few times — and because while they have tons of followers and fans they aren’t HUGE names.

But last night, I was on Twitter – the joys of running out of Internet while not working — and Tim Roth, who plays Cal Lightman on “Lie to Me” posted this:

“Might lose some fans here .. But if you look up ‘utter nut job’ in the dictionary does it say ‘glen[n] beck’?.. An innocent question!!”

I immediately, expecting no response, replied:

“@TimRothLieToMe Aww – @glennbeck my personal hero. Still love you, though.”

Which is true. I love listening to Glenn Beck. Don’t get me wrong, everything he says I take with a grain of salt and some research, but he has a fantastic sense of humor that is right up my alley. If you don’t understand, its okay – ’cause The Bees Know.

But here’s the part that made my night:

“@TimRothLieToMe Tim Roth – @Tattoo4Eternity I respect your alternative lifestyle!”
Yup. There it is. My night is made. It probably would have been made a bit more if I could get him to agree to meet me in Seattle for coffee sometime. My ex-husband pointed out he’s old. Honestly, our age difference is less than it was with the person I was with when I was 20, and I tend to like older guys anyway, but thats not what I meant. I’m strange that way though [I believe Tim is married]. I don’t really get “star-struck” so much. I don’t really care that he’s famous — he’s just a person doing a job like the rest of us. But I have an immense desire to sit down with some famous people who spend all their time wearing masks or pretending to be other people and just have coffee with them. And a real discussion.
The top of my list of people I’d like to sit down and just talk with are:
Glenn Beck
Ryan Stiles (the plus side here, is that he lives in my town)
Tim Roth
Ron White
Hillary Clinton
Sarah Palin
Monoxide Child
Britney Spears [completely serious]
Now if only I could get more people to recognize that my “alternative lifestyle” is not proof that I’m deceptive [actually, I’m terrible at being deceptive and have opted to not be that way – ask me anything, I’ll answer], not a thief, not going to steal from my work and not going to cost anybody their clients. Honestly, I know my wit and charm will bring people back more often than they would have. I’d be great as a cashier or help in a retail store.

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