Whoo! I got the interview… and I own too much stuff.

Its in Lynnwood, WA — but I got an interview for the Call Center I want to work at. Its a major corporation, who shall remain nameless for the second. . .

Lynnwood is about 1 hour 15 min drive from here. I’m okay with that. The most cash I’ll make around here is going to be between 9-10.50/hour. Thats a $5 decrease from what I was making at my last job. Since I have a mortgage – its worth it to drive out of area because it will be an increase from what I was making before… and since I REALLY would like to get my pilots license, pay off my house, get a new car and become a lawyer… I’ll need the added funding.

So – realizing that I have some rather lofty ambitions and also realize that my collection of junk is far too massive. I have millions of books [slight exaggeration], ranging from computer programing (UNIX, Access, DOS, Basic and even “JavaScript: The Definitive Guide”) to Accounting, to Algebra (I have about 9 books on that) to Christianity (40-50?) and Witchcraft (25 books?). I own several books about psychology,  the development of a child’s brain, and philosophy. TONS of fiction, and TONS of non-fiction.

Someday I’d like to have a library in my house — near the server room. A room dedicated to reading and doing absolutely nothing but relaxing on uber-plush and comfortable couches.

I have an impossible time getting rid of books. I cannot bear to part with them. People say to just keep my favorites, but I can’t decide which ones I won’t need. Who’s to say I won’t need a French Bible?!

I’m a proponent of doing research, and citing sources [whatever happened to that?]. Thats why I have so many books on so many topics. I know a little about everything, but not much about anything. Actually, thats true. At T-Mobile I was the one that people asked completely random questions to, because if I didn’t have the answer – I’d get it quickly. Try it. Ask me a question.

Yet another completely unorganized blog entry – but it took awhile to write, and I’ve got about 15 things on my plate right now. Women are born multi-taskers; but I think I take it to a whole new level.

I’m writing this blog, staying up on FB and Twitter, listening to music on my computer, watching a movie on Netflix via the Wii, and I have KGMI NewsTalk Radio playing nearby — all at the same time. I also have a three year old wondering about the house getting into trouble I have to keep an eye on and a list of books I need to get to reading (I’m currently reading “From Eternity to Here” – A book I grabbed purely because it had my name in it — but it happens to be on a topic I very much LOVE to think about. Time, Space and Dimensions.) once I’m done with this blog for the night.

With that, I bid you all farewell until next time!

Seriously though – why haven’t you hired me?! 🙂


About Eternity

34. Employed. Taken. Social Media Guru. Mom. Writer. Internet. Learning. Law. Politics. Philosophy. Planes. Flight. Tattoos. Piercings. Psychology. Love. God. Technology. Piercings. Conservative. Ish.

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