Single Mothers – Society Dislikes Us

I just read an article on the Huffington Post titled Single Mothers ‘Bad For Society’, Pew Research Center’s Latest Poll Finds. It basically states exactly whats in the title — its well worth the read, but if you’re a single mother, may enrage you slightly.

Southrnbelle posted a reply at 12:52 on 2/21/11:

What is particular­ly disgusting about this article and “Poll” is the outrageous double standard battle shoved down our throats by the Conservati­ve, Right Wing, Christian Coalition.

1. Viagra and all it’s variations are paid for by almost every health insurance policy, birth control pills are not.

2. Sex education in the schools is treated like the wrath of demons, condoms are evil from hell, but the conservati­ves want to pass laws making it legal to kill abortion doctors.

3. The conservati­ves want to make it illegal for a woman to have an abortion, even if she is raped, but when the child it born they want no part of it and have no problem depriving both mother and child of health care or a life outside of poverty.

4. Many teenage pregnancie­s occur from incest, but they want to force pregnant teenage girls to obtain parential consent before they can get an abortion.

5. They don’t want the government to provide for single mothers, but want to ban funding for Planned Parenthood­.

6. They love spending trillions on wars, but $0 on health care for all.

Most people on welfare are divorced white women with 3 children, 28 years old and their exes don’t pay adequate child support.

Just remember all you men who place this kind of hypocritic­al judgment on women – You ALL had mothers!!!­!!

To all you “rejecters­” — Try being a “Big Brother” or a “Big Sister.” Get off you high horse. It could have been

And here is my reply to her:

Cite your source, because points 2, 4. . . are bogus at best. I would say there are “a few” teenage pregnancies via incest, but certainly not “many” [comparatively].
I also caution America that arguing points based on “Conservatives V. Liberals”. That is just ridiculous. As “the People” we need to step up and take on issues that we believe in personally BASED on the ISSUE and the people that are for it or against it. I consider myself conservative; however, I’m pro-choice, pro-equal opportunity marriage.
What I don’t like about this story is that it lumps everybody together awkwardly. If we have a group of 10 people, and all think single mothers are “bad for society” – with 6 of those believing this way because there is “no male influence”, the other 4 may have other reasons for believing so — perhaps believing that those women were whores, or careless in one way or another.
People can “believe” anything they want – but just because they believe it doesn’t make it true, or right. Originally, I thought (as a single mother who left an abusive spouse) that Ann Coulter was insane when she blamed societies criminals on single mothers — then I began paying attention to my friends and family and where they came from. An overwhelming majority of my “criminally minded” friends are from homes where the father was an absent POS — but what I really wonder is how they would have turned out if the father was there.

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