Trouble I Didn’t Consider

Friday February 25th, 2011 I received a call from Comcast to inform me that everything was clear with the background check and that I am ready to start on March 7th. I’ve been applying to that position and jumping through their hoops since the day I was fired from T-Mobile, December 7th, 2010 [its very hard not to write 1941 in there…] and FINALLY I get the job.

Great pay, awesome benefits including 401(k) and bonus’. You’d think I’d be more excited. The trouble with this position is the drive. It is 81 miles (exactly 100 if I bike along the Centennial Trail, ironically) from my door to the call center in Lynnwood. Gas prices when I applied were just under $3/gallon and I’m looking at a receipt where I just paid $60 to fill up the tank of my ’91 Explorer – and it took [with force] the whole $60.

Also on Friday afternoon I have a job interview for a local taxi company. I’d be working for about $4/hour less, with none of the benefits, and I’d still have to pay my own cable and internet bill, but its 5 minutes down the road [15 on my bike]. In fact if I looked hard enough and could crane my neck just right, I could probably see it from my porch.

Both jobs come with their own issues, and I’m going to look at this from a negatives perspective because the negatives will cause more  pain than most joy at a job can overcome.

Comcast: Long Drive, gas is likely to hit $4.50 by mid summer which would mean I’d have a $32 a day gas bill [this negates the additional $4/hour] on the days I drive to work. I do have a place I can stay a few nights  a week to help cut the cost of gas, but I don’t like to intrude upon others and I really do like to sleep on my own couch.


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