Am I The Only “Dash of This, Little ‘o That…” Cook?

I made fried rice tonight, and my friend asked me for the recipe.

Immediately I was confused. Recipe? Recipes are just guidelines for ingredients – something like Fried Rice isn’t an exact science, so much as an artful combination of food and flavors. I’m also an impatient cook. While I LOVE the recipe sifter tool on (which has sadly become not as accurate now that its become “”) to show me recipes based on the mood/flavor or ingredients I have on hand, its generally a tool I use just to get an idea of how much to put in of what.

Pancakes are the only thing that I follow the recipe on exactly. Almost. I always add a bit extra vanilla to my buttermilk pancakes. Mmmmm…. Vanilla.

So – Fried Rice ala Eternity? Its incredibly spicy [I make all of it at once, serve up Londyns – then add the spice].

If you’re looking for a 30 minute quick dinner, here you go:

Depending on the number of people I’m feeding, or how many leftovers I want, I cook between 2-3 cups of rice in my little rice cooker. I wish somebody would have told me about those things years ago. All this time I’ve been wasting time/energy cooking rice on the stove. And I refuse to buy minute rice. That stuff creeps me out.

While thats cooking I chop or slice (depends on my mood) half an onion, and slice and dice either pre-cooked slice ham [rarely have that on hand], or I take a small preseasoned petite sirloin from the grocery store and slice it nice n thin.

I ONLY use an iron skillet anymore to cook on the stove (aside from pasta). When the skillet is good and hot (and the rice is ready!) throw on the meat and quickly brown. For the steak, you do NOT want to over cook, so throw on a can of mixed veggies and rice just as it starts to brown on all sides. Dash with a generous amount of your favorite (no salt) seasoning mix. Stir together and pour a bit of soy sauce in to brown all the rice.  Don’t be timid. I use easily a quarter cup. Stir and cook until soy sauce cooks off.

Serve the kids. And those with sensitive taste buds.

Now. To make this a grown up version:

Toss in a touch more soy, a small fist full of sugar (likely equal to a Tbsp and a half) and drizzle more sriracha than you’d expect you’d like. Then cook off all the water in the sauce until you get an amazing fried rice.


Please keep pineapple juice on hand just in case you used too much Sriracha! And if you’re like me and theres more likely a chance that you still used to little – drizzle a little more on yours. . .

And keep spare Tums on hand for others, just in case.

Super simple dinner and its what, $1 for the rice – $1 for the veggies, around here that steak is about $3… and I always have soy/Rooster sauce on hand. Can’t beat a meal that will serve 4 for $5.




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