My Stuff is Ruthless.


100 Thing Challenge. This would be BEYOND a challenge for me. As I’m packing to move my daughter and I from a house of nearly 1,000 sq feet into a bedroom the size of my living room I am realizing that I think I own at least 100 things in my bathroom alone. Its insane. BUT, I KNOW I own more things that I really want to own, or need to own. While is nice to always be prepared – I’m tired of having to sort through millions of things knowing that “somewhere around here” I own that one tiny thing that you use maybe once in five years.

What things do I own that I probably don’t really need? 17 types of hair spray, gel, mousse, etc… I can understand needing 1 gel, 1 mousse, 1 hairspray. If I can’t do my hair with those things, then I can work with just a simple ponytail. Honestly, even though I own all of those things, I use them maybe once a month. If that.

If I pair down my bathroom to things I “need” I would have: Three towels, Shampoo, Conditioner, container of nail polish, nail polish remover. All the standard headache remedies (always around for other people, but I never take them – do I really need to keep them, or should I find a new home for them?) I have several different allergy medications I’ve had for a few years and never taken. I’m having a huge problem saying “get rid of it” because the moment I do….

Bedroom: Bed. Desk. Posters (‘cause they take up no space anyway). Battery charging center/batteries. Blankets – how many? I think right now I’m looking at a pile of at least 5 comforters. I’m pretty sure I’ve only purchased two of them. My ex-husband hated the first one within a week of me buying it, and I LOVED it and kept using it anyway. But now, I shared it with him – I don’t want it. Hmm, that was easier than I thought. I realize at this very second that I’m holding on to things in FEAR of the emotion that may arise when I attempt to release it. My dresser is a must. Clothes? I could easily keep only half of what I have now. More difficultly, probably just a quarter of what I have now. Shoes? HA! No. Those I must keep. All million pair of them.

Kitchen: Utensils that are used maybe once a year – gone. If I need them, I’m clever enough to use something else. Crappy appliances that are a pain in the ass to clean? Gone. I hate cleaning. I can make a grilled cheese on a pan instead of a sandwich maker just as easy. Eggs are what I use my sandwich maker for anyway – and this one is too small for that effectively.

Plates: I can see four as the max needed at any time until I’m happily married and can have people over for dinner (yeah, I’m laughing at that idea, too). Until then – Londyn and I are only two people. I’ll keep four in the event of possible guests, but the rest? GONE. Glasses? If it says “Guinness” or has a princess on it – it can survive.

Furniture? I don’t need couches. I spend too much time on them now anyway. Owning a couch will just be getting in my way of attempting to end up in law school [yeah, I know – odds are slim – but STILL. I WANNA TRY!!]. Bed. Dresser. End Table. Desk. Desk Chair (no point in a desk, if I can’t sit).

Books: Okay, so THIS is the ONE challenge I really face. I own a library worth of books. BECAUSE I WANT TO HAVE A LIBRARY SOMEDAY. However, thinking about it. I don’t have time to read right now. If I want to read a new book, I’m actually buying it read to me on I loathe reading hard copies on computers or cell phone… but maybe I can learn to like it. Until then, I’m moving my books all into storage if I don’t “need” them. Books on topics I really appreciate [physics, law, LSAT, politics, math] I will keep. My “favorite” books that I think Londyn may appreciate reading someday, I’ll keep as well [Watership Down, Juniper, Wise Child]. But everything else, I’m going to Craigslist/Free Cycle/Donate. Books I’ve had since I’ve learned how to read… I’m hoping I don’t regret getting rid of my library. Inside I’m already crying at the very thought of not having the library I want… My ebook wish list can be read here: [ ]

Do I really need anything more than that other than food? Likely not. Can I get rid of all that extra stuff? No, but I’m certainly on my way to being closer to that list. Maybe I’ll start with under 1,000 things.

Do you live with way too much stuff? How do you cope? How does it work – do you find that it crushes your life because you spend so much time searching for things? Or where to put things? Or trying to figure out how to move through all your things?

On the other side – do you live with not enough stuff? Do you find yourself always in want of something else, but not the time/resources to get it?

I really could use some advice and thoughts. Tell me how you live.


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  1. I’ve been whittling down my stuff for the last few years. My stuff mostly consists mostly of parts, extraneous tools, metal stock, and fittings, pieces, and components to stuff. I have a garage load. When my last two employers closed down I came home with a truckload of stuff. Actually when the machine shop closed I probably brought more like 3 truckloads home. My problem is that I am resourceful enough that when I need something I can usually dig around the garage and cobble something together that will get the job done. Therefore, I am very reluctant to get rid of anything mechanical. I’m lucky that I have a second story that is just for storage along with the garage. If my wife and I broke up, and I had to move to a small apartment(much less a single room) I would have a VERY hard time getting my stuff down to a manageable level. The thought alone is scary.

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