To ANYBODY Thinking of Buying Londyn a Birthday Gift


I’m going to state it ONE MORE TIME.


I’ll be happy to set up a date if you want to take her for a NON-MATERIAL experience.

We’re moving from my house where we were used to having nearly a full 1,000 sq feet that was all our own – Even then we owned WAY TOO MUCH STUFF. Londyns three, about to be four. She does NOT NEED SO MANY TOYS THAT SHE CAN’T SEE HER FLOOR.

In the last week, I have told Londyn she is allowed to own just 1 Rubbermaid container worth of toys. We weeded down her books to just two milk crates. I’ll be weeding down my lifelong book collection of about 25 milkcrates of books to… hopefully a whole lot less.

Londyn has enough clothes that we don’t have to do her laundry for two months. NO MORE CLOTHES. Gift cards for clothes when she outgrows her current massive collection would be PERFECT. Asking to take her for a day to take her to the movies, the park, the zoo… something where there can be pictures, and learning – and memories!! THOSE are the things that matter the most.

How many of us remember every single toy that was bought for us when we were kids? How many toys can last longer than 3 months??

The only acceptable toys will be Leapster 2 Games [she already has Up, The Princess and the Frog, Madagascar, Tangled, Pet Pals – Leapster Explorer games will not work in her machine].

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL A BLANKET BE ACCEPTED AS A PRESENT. I counted. Londyn has… 15 blankets. This does not include comforters. She has five of those. INSANE.

Take her for a day and spend the day cooking. Or playing… getting to know her, or teaching her something!! Londyns an amazing girl and LOVES to learn how to do new things.

Thinking back on my own life, I’d rather have more experiences in my memory bank than stuff. I’d rather have spent more TIME with my uncles than have them buy me things. . . even now, I don’t really want things that are tangible [credit for books on Audible, or the Kindle are always accepted… possibly help funding my pilots license?]. I’m throwing away and donating more than HALF of what we have. We have more than we need to survive. Thats all I want. Enough stuff to survive… and more time to actually live/enjoy life.

Don’t you?




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