Arlington Fly In

I love it. I’ve been several times when I was younger… but this year – I get to go by myself and wander the grounds, stare at the air and watch as people do some pretty crazy tricks in the air with their plane. . . and then wonder if I could ever have the guts to do those tricks myself.

I entered the 2011 Arlington Fly In Scholarship Contest. Technically, it said for Teens… but technically, the “rules” listed said the only age requirement was that I be older than 16 by the start of the Fly In. I am… 12 years older, but still.

I want my pilots license. I’d rearranged funds and was supposed to be starting on it this spring/summer, but then I lost my job and had to live on that money instead. So once again, I’m rearranging funds and with the Big Stuff Purge should hopefully find myself happier with less junk, and more doing.

Its interesting now that I’m fully moved down here. I don’t know the area at all. And, I know nobody at all. I’m not really the girl who dates, because I have so many oddities about me. I’m not a great cleaner, I could care less about wearing PJS to bed, and as long as my jeans are clean – that is I haven’t mowed the yard in them – I’m perfectly content to sleep in them. Less Laundry = Good.

I’ve gotten some pretty great pictures of the Fly In this year. And several autographs. Londyn told a female pilot she wanted to be Tinkerbell and Fly when she grew up. Vicki just laughed.

Lenny Price signed our book and commented on my newest Tattoo. Since July 4th was just a few days prior, he’d mentioned how he’d sat down and read the entire Declaration of Independence – something more people need to do. I couldn’t agree with him more.

(OMG, its hot!)

We the People - Seeing some sun

In the meantime, I’ve opened up my mailbox to your flying scholarship information — if you know of any scholarships for people who have little spare income, not the greatest of credit… Please mail me the info (I’m more than willing to accept pennies, but I’m not asking for it) to my PO BOX 3557, Arlington, WA 98223

I will fly. If I have to cut EVERYTHING out of my life to do it, I will [School/Law School being the exception].

If you’re local to KBLI, KAWO, KPAE, or Harvey and would be willing to take me flying by meeting me at KBLI (preferred so I have a sitter for my 3 year old, although she loves flying, too) or KAWO — Please shoot me a message! I LOVE being in the air, and would love to learn just by watching you fly.


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