How you treat people is an important thing that we all need to reflect on, not just from time to time, but always.


Today on NPR I heard a story about a man whose mother had discovered he might possibly be gay, so she drove him to the woods, stood him in front of a tree with a shotgun to his head stated that this was the tree she would take her son to be shot if he decided he was a fag.


Where do things like this come from? Why are there people that are so adamant that love cannot exist between a man and a man, or between two women. If you’ve grown up in the United States and have ever had a best friend, then you already know that this statement cannot be true.


In reality, there should be no limits on love. That’s not to say that those in a statutory rape situation should be allowed to behave however they want, and its certainly not to say that its okay for a stalker to cling to their victim because of love. A mutual love relationship, however, is not something that any person, nor any religion, should seek to destroy.


And that is exactly what the religious zealots do. They seek to destroy a couples ability to express their love for each other. The gay community has it far tougher than any other relationship type and yet, it survives. And there are no signs of it ever going away.


If you’ve ever read my writing, you understand that while I believe in a lot of the core values of Christianity, I have a lot of problems with the Dogma and hypocrisy of nearly every Christian I have ever met. I was taught by my father to question everything, and in hopes of me maintaining my own Christianity, he may have shot himself in the foot.


There were many discussions that involved discussing the laws of the Bible, and it was determined by my church that we were no longer under the Law of the New Testament nor 10 commandments, but rather under one simple law handed to us by Jesus himself. I’ve been witness to many discussions amongst those who call themselves people of the Lord, but who insist that the relationship between those of the same sex is an abomination. And I’m willing to admit that I was one of those people who let myself get brainwashed by believing what I was told without further examination.


Those who decided to gossip about the sexual preferences of a friend behind their back made me take a look at why I’d held the belief that it was wrong. Was it really wrong?


We need to take a look at WHY we feel the things we do. We need to take a look at WHY we think the things that we do, and behave the way that we do. Do you believe TRULY that a homosexual has no chance of going to heaven? Do you REALLY believe that making their life on Earth here completely miserable is what God has called you to do?  Because it’s not.


John 13:34-35  

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”




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