It Was a Horrific Sight.

I stumbled across a horrific murder scene the other day I would like to share with you. It makes my stomach churn even writing about it now. I had gone out for a smoke break at work and decided to go explore the empty lot next to work for something new to do. There’s a gravel path through the lot, and I passed by the remnants of a demolished building. The lot has started to grow up with hundreds and hundreds of little trees. Blackberry bushes have started to grow, but its still sparse enough to navigate through if you don’t mind dealing with a few thorns.

About 10 minutes into the walk I looked down and saw my first indication that a tragic event had occurred. This small bit of innards wasn’t enough to really peak my interest, after all – I’m in the woods, who knows what kind of animals call this place home.

But only a few steps later I ran into some real body parts. I want to say that they were arms. I couldn’t be sure, but I did immediately pull out my cell phone. Now, one would think that the first thing one would do when discovering such a scene would be to dial 9-1-1; however, I pulled up my camera app and began taking photos of my findings.

As I took the first photos of the innards and the arms, I looked up and several feet away was the next major body parts — the legs and torso. I took another photograph and began trying to put together what on earth this could be. My heart raced as I noticed the animal chew marks on the carcass.

What ungodly creature would spend this much time gnawing, but still leave so much behind? There were very few parts actually missing. If I had some glue, or perhaps needle and thread – with some help from God – I could have pieced him back together again.

I followed the path of littered body parts onward and I finally ran into the most important body part. Sitting only a few feet away was his head. While snapping more pictures I could see the lifeless eye staring back at me. One eye had been completely torn off, and he was missing an entire cheek. What was left had a sad expression on his face .


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