Socialist Economy – Not Bad At First Thought.

It would be FANTASTIC to live in a world where we were all treated equally, and were all given the chance to have equal lives.

The idea of living in a Socialist Economy is not really a bad one when you first think about it. Who doesn’t deserve fantastic medical? Who doesn’t deserve a chance at a great paying job, home ownership, and being able to provide for their family at the same level as everybody else?

But there is a point where that cannot work. How do you make everything fair to everybody? How does medical afforded at the same level to all become a fair system to those who make the most?

As I write this, I want to point out a few things – I am NOT an expert, by any means. In fact, the only real skills I have are being creative, writing, and questioning everything.

I’m often accused of being Fox News brainwashed, and will openly admit to people that I do NOT trust Obama, I DO listen to Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity [and occasionally Rush Limbaugh]; however, I am always listening with a critical ear. I do not often take anything at face value. Nobody should.

Listening to NPR yesterday there was a story about Mobile Home Ownership and how difficult it can be when people do not own the land that their home, which they do own, sits on. This group, ROC,  goes out and helps find funding to help Mobile Home Owners become owners of the land. I love this idea! Its fantastic!


The story mentioned that “despite the name, Mobile Homes are not mobile”… but here is my problem with the whole situation. In the story its making it seem like the people who have done this didn’t do it to themselves. Except, they did.

Mobile homes ARE mobile. FAR more mobile than a standard stick-frame house. Mobile homes in trailer parks do not have foundations, and fairly often just sit on top of cinder block. When you either move a home into the park, or buy a home located in a park you are aware that you do not own this land. You pay monthly. But if you want to move your mobile home — there are costs involved, permits, trucks… labor — not to mention the cost of the land you are moving to.

If you do not think ahead and wonder to yourself “Okay, in ten years will I still be wanting to pay lot rent?” or “Will I be able to afford my space rental when I retire?” then that is on you. Poor planning. Poor consideration for your future, and the future of your family. Should you be stuck there? No. Can I understand why an elderly woman who should be retired is over-working herself so she doesn’t lose her home? Absolutely!

But, they did it to themselves.

When it comes to medical insurance, buying food, and the like… America has really gotten its priorities mixed up. Perhaps this is the wake of no longer spanking our children and teaching them the idea of consequences for their actions. Perhaps this is due to over spanking so much that consequences don’t mean anything since you’re damned either way.

What are the basic necessities of life? Food, water, shelter, clothing, heat…

Do we all need laptops, cell phones, ipads, ipods, lavish cars, more stuff than we know what to do with? Probably not. Do the people who complain over and over again that they have no money have many of these things that are NOT life essential? Absolutely. Do they buy these things rather than choosing to provide for their own basic needs? Some of them…

Do some people prefer to sit on their butts waiting for the world to change rather than taking the bull by the horns and making their world a better place for them? Far too often.

You and your family are YOUR responsibility. I am MY responsibility, and nobody elses. It is my job to improve myself, and my worth to keep up with this world. It is not ANYBODY else’s job to take care of me on a consistent basis. Do we all have our down moments and need a little help? Yes. And its perfectly acceptable to help your neighbors… but its not acceptable to use your neighbors as a crutch.

Yes. I am anti-Obama care. . . but the reason is because I cannot see how it will be sustainable. If you think I’m wrong, TELL ME WHY.

If you think that socialism (Communism Lite) is the right way to go, tell me why. Then go watch the episode of Fairly Odd Parents called “The Same Game” (Season 1, Episode 6). There is a reason we’re not all the same.

If we were all afforded similar incomes:

Would “brand name” clothing be as popular?

Would we be fatter or skinnier?

How could we tell the rich from the poor?

What would be the point of higher education?

What would be the point of any education?

What would be the point of ever trying anything?

What would be the motivation to be your best?

Why bother getting out of bed?


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