Education Without Debt

That’s my new goal. As a single mother living in fancy rich Bellevue while making not nearly enough to shop anywhere but Target or Walmart I can’t afford a higher education. I can’t afford it financially, or with my time. Online classes are great, but every teacher has different test rules and they always seem to clash with my work schedule.

I’ve gotten emails from teachers about how brilliant I am, or that I MUST promise them I’m going to attend graduate school, even though I earned a meager D or C in their class. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t earn just Cs and Ds; however my last quarter was AWFUL. Turns out, I can’t work full time… do school full time… be a single mother with ZERO paternal support and a whole lot of paternal drama… date…. and drive 600 miles a week and maintain my grades and sanity.

As a person who leans a little more conservative, I’ve decided that once I pay off my current small student loan, that I’d rather attend class solely on grants/scholarships and my own funding then deal with loans. If I can only afford one class at a time then that it how I will go. This economy is proving more and more to me that I do not want to end up with a massive debt when I’m just getting started in a new profession.

I wonder if an honest cardboard sign would drudge up enough funds to start with one class this winter….



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  1. All I can say is write letters. I was Able to get 6,100 in scholarships by writing a few letters. You can sometimes get good scholarship contacts from the admissions staff. I think if you were to spend a few hours a week writing letters you cold raise quite a bit.

  2. I went to a tech school and was able to find a few companies who set up grants in the field they were involved in. My biggest grant came from a lead I got from the school admissions office. There are almost grants for everything, being a redhead, left handed, single parent, essay writing, all sorts of things. Does your state have any sort of education grants? Mine does for certain conditions.

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