NIMBY – Whatcom County Widespread Problem

NIMBY. Whatcom County really has to get over its “Not In My Back Yard” opinion of itself. We want jobs, we want growth, we want a good economy; however, we seem incredibly unable to pay the reasonable price for these things. Airports are going to grow. It grew faster than you expected? Well, you still expected it so if you bought a house nearby you didn’t do your research well. Canadians come down and use our roads and buy our stuff? They’re still putting money into the economy. Dislike Canadians buying milk at outrageous rates at Costco? So what – they are supporting our local dairy farms. I’m sorry, but if we want to grow as a community we have to learn to adapt to changes and help it grow productively. We don’t want criminals, but we refuse to build jails anywhere in the county because it’s in somebody’s backyard. We want business to stay in town, but we charge them excessive taxes to do so. Sadly, the people with the loudest whiny voices are the only opinions that get heard. What about the countless citizens who live in the flight path that say nothing about the noise because it doesn’t bother them? I loved the noise when I lived in Ferndale. I love the noise even still when I stay in Ferndale every week. I love the noise even more when I’m the one flying out over Bellingham Bay. Face it Whatcom County. It’s going to be in somebody’s backyard, and that may just be you.


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  1. Yup. There will be no Fred Meyer in Lynden…the big head has spoken. Everyone kept screaming that it was a “residential area”. It is undeveloped land on the Guide. The Guide is not residential there, or anywhere really, for that matter. Sucks. I have to pay 15-35% more for all of my groceries at Safeway or Food Pavilion if I don’t want to have to go into Bellingham….and no change in sight. Ridiculous.

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