When I was younger I wanted to be a truck driver (like my daddy) and a writer. I wanted to be a writer because I have always had a talent for the written word. Sadly, in my adult career I do not have the time to sit down and write like I should. It isn’t nearly as easy to be a writer now as it would have been if I had started right out of high school. 

I did not, however, at any point see myself stuck in the career I have been stuck in since I graduated high school. Call center work isn’t my calling. I know that, and yet that is what I continue to do, and I won’t lie. I have reached my fill of it. If I had money to seek a degree, I would do so — although, I am of the avid belief that a degree is

no substitute for intelligence and general know-how and more importantly: drive.

Through the years I have wanted to be a High School English Teacher, obtaining a rather large scholarship to a University in Missouri I was unable to garner the student aid needed to fund the rest of tuition because my father refused to believe that supplying me with his tax information to get Federal Funding didn’t mean that he had to pay for tuition. If I had obtained Federal Funding back then, I’d have been able to finish school with a 4 year degree with $0 student loans – it was that big of a scholarship. 

While working in a telemarketing center I dreamed of multiple career options. Computer Science/Database Administrator would have been great — I’m not good with math, but I speak code in ways I can’t comprehend. I just understand it. I love math, but I don’t understand it. I have many books and a strong desire to learn it, but to this day I find college classes too fast paced for me to really dig in and GET it at the level I would like to. 

Psychology is something I also have a really great grasp on. But I’m too much of an introvert with a bit of social anxiety that meant I was not interested in any sort of lab work. 

Philosophy. I LOVE philosophy. I live to learn how to think, and how to ask and attempt to answer the great mysteries of life. 

Law. I wasn’t intending on settling on this. But I’ve taken law classes and Criminal Justice classes as electives and not only were they the easiest classes (although occasionally the most difficult to stay awake in – but I worked graves then went to school and was pregnant at the time. I had no choice but to fall asleep in class a few times. My body wouldn’t let me do anything but). I absolutely love the law. I don’t always like obeying it, but truthfully, we all break laws from time to time. My deepest wish is to get my undergraduate degree in Business/Philosophy then my Juris Doctorate. I would then really like a Doctorate in Philosophy. But I’ve always wanted an excuse to be called Dr Moreau. 

This call center stuff has exhausted my excitement. I’m 30 and bored with what I do. I love helping people. I love my co-workers more than anything else. I love the fact that I have the ability to be used and seen in many ways throughout the company. But when it is time for me to go back to my actual job function, I can tell I am going to deeply dislike it. I have had a taste of being off the phones and working in a much bigger capacity and it was good. I hate to limit myself. 


About Eternity

34. Employed. Taken. Social Media Guru. Mom. Writer. Internet. Learning. Law. Politics. Philosophy. Planes. Flight. Tattoos. Piercings. Psychology. Love. God. Technology. Piercings. Conservative. Ish.

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  1. I’ve missed reading your posts.

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