City Life is So Restricting… and I hate it.

Talk to me for awhile, and its no surprise at all that I despise living in the city. I grew up in the country, and have a deep longing to get back to who I am at the root of myself. 

I like being around people sometimes, but there are just too damn many people around here. 

I grew up on roughly two and a half acres of land with a quaint 4-bedroom manufactured home. It was nice because we had neighbors that were near and dear to us, but if we wanted our space and privacy – we had that, too. 

If I wanted to pull out my BB gun and go target shooting in the yard, that was no problem at all. It was easy to know who could possibly be behind your target when the lot behind you is nothing but acres and acres of grass or corn. If dad was feeling goofy and wanted to turn his stereo up really loud, we could do that, too. And not a single cop would show up for a noise complaint. In the city, sometimes it seems as if the cops are called when somebody sneezes too loudly. 

If we wanted to grow our own food, we could dig up the earth and make a feeble attempt at growing corn. Sure, it’s only like 3 inches long, but it still tasted great! 

When I was 10 I got a crossbow for Christmas. Nothing too crazy, but man did it feel awesome to have gotten something so cool! When I was 12 or so I got a re-curve bow from my mothers boyfriend. There was nothing like setting up the foam deer, strapping on the arm guard and discovering I had something that felt like a natural talent for sailing an arrow straight through its little foam heart. 

I grew up in Everson, Washington. One point three square miles [832 acres] with 2,400 people, and surrounded by vast acres of farmland with even less people, and not a single stop-light to be found. You could drive the 4 miles to the grocery store pretty quick and only have to deal with 3 stop signs. 

But now I live in Everett. Fourty-Eight square miles  [31,033 acres] and packed with 104,000 people. Its a little congested up in here. There are cars everywhere. People everywhere. Stores everywhere.

Today I went to Cabela’s for the first time. A magickal store filled with all sorts of things that I wish I could have has hobbies either again, or for the first time. I would love to teach my daughter how to use a bow, but the only way to do that is to have a TON of land where she can safely miss, and we just don’t have that here. Hell, I don’t need television. I’d rather be outside with my own bow or rifle plinkin away at empty soda cans and getting my revenge for any and all papercuts I’ve sustained over the years [you’ve had a papercut, you know that paper sometimes deserves to die!].

There are other things I would love to do with my life, that I feel are more where I’m meant to be than I currently am. Why am I paying $1-$1.50 for onions or green peppers, when a few hours of labor and love and I could grow and freeze my own to last all year? Same goes for all the fresh foods I commonly eat… Asparagus, Carrots, Spinach, Basil, Raspberries and Strawberries. . . not to mention, I’d probably eat more Beets, Green Beans, and Peas if I grew them myself. 

There are many other aspects to city life that are unappealing. If I let myself dwell on it too long, I begin to loathe myself and the trade-offs I’ve made for who I should be, and what I am. 



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