Things that make you go “Hmm…”

I am going to preface this with the fact that I’ve been watching a rash of YouTube videos that are completely and utterly ridiculous. Please expect this post to be nothing more than a reflection of that. My brain has left the building and I’m just typing the words that are scrolling through – this doesn’t mean I believe what I am saying. Entirely.


Conservatives are anti-abortion cause you can’t tax ’em if they’re dead.

Liberals are pro-abortion choice because it means they won’t have to hold up the “we’ll take care of you” end of their bargain. 


Personally, I’m pro-first-trimester-choice. That would make an AWESOME bumper sticker. 

After that, you’re screwedpunished with a baby“.


In 2009 there were 420,000 children in foster care. 108,000 children are located in a group home, or “other,” whatever that means [Stats available here]. All I know is it means there are 108,000 children in the United States that don’t have foster parents or family that have taken them on. Financially and time wise, I barely have time and money for my own child… but being a foster parent is on my “To Do” list when my life opens up the opportunity. 

I’m also of the belief that if you’re ANTI-abortion, then you need to sign up to either be a foster parent, or adopt a child. 

Well, I started writing this sort of joking anyway. I’ll have to clarify more when my eyes aren’t so fuzzy and I can actually see the words I’m typing. 

What are your thoughts on the matter?




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