Guns aren’t the Issue.

It’s always interesting to me how many people seem to think that guns are the issue. . . but they’re not. They never have been, and never will be. Canada has had shootings, and its not legal to have a gun there. Well, you can, but its a whole process is far more complicated than here in the United States. If you want to know more, check out the RCMP’s website. 

If you really take the time to study those who commit these crimes, then you’ll see a lot of facts emerge. Sadly, the left doesn’t really care about facts, so much as personal opinions and beliefs based on “feelings”. Its really as if the entire left is comprised of overly hormonal females. 

It’s important to remember that: 


Don’t get me wrong, the right has their share of morons as well. Ann Coulter, for example. While some of her ideas have offended me greatly, I have come to realize that most of the time I am severely offended it’s because she’s pretty accurate, I just didn’t want to admit it because it makes me realize who I am – and I don’t always like to do that. Other times (most really?), she’s just freaking bonkers. 

Most of the time the people who are committing these mass shootings are highly intelligent. Having to deal with so many people having a lower IQ than myself, I understand that being intelligent leads to a more difficult and complicated life. Because I am aware of just how stupid the general population is; however, to say that gun control itself will make the murders stop is incorrect. 

James Holmes picked the Aurora movie theater BECAUSE it was a gun free zone, and he isn’t the only one. The majority of the shooters know what they’re doing with the weapons. The majority of them spent a good chunk of time creating, developing and perfecting the details. The majority of them show signs of mental illness. I am pretty much completely anti-ObamaCare because I do NOT like to be told how to spend my money, BUT… if free health care means that these people who are mentally ill can afford to get, and maintain the medication they need to get through life [not that anybody NEEDS medication to get through life, but I would rather have them on medication if they can’t figure it out on their own, than not], then it will be worth it. 

But here is the REAL problem:

Our kids are self-righteous brats that are growing up into self-righteous murderers. 

There. I said it. Don’t deny it. Yes, there is the exception to every rule. and the odds are greatly in our favor that we won’t raise a murderer… but I guarantee that the odds are not in your favor that your kids aren’t brats. Mine is pretty great – even adults who don’t like kids are completely willing to chill with Londyn – but I talk to her as an adult, and she comprehends more than a lot of kids. . . but even she has her bratty moments [usually when she comes back home from her dad’s house]. But I do not hide reality from her, and she is much more capable and mature than most of the 6 year olds I’ve met.  I don’t tell her fantasy stories of magical fairies, and fat guys in suits that deliver presents, and I don’t completely hide her from reality. It is really any wonder that our children reach adulthood and aren’t trusting of the world? 

How great is it to live in a world where losing teeth garners you money, and a fat guy in a suit you have never met leaves you the most amazing presents once a year? And an Easter bunny leaves CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE?!! Mommy and Daddy should be married and live together forever and agree on everything? Christopher Columbus was a sweet saint who found the United States? The pilgrims and the Indians [pardon me “Native Americans”] got together to celebrate? Johnny Appleseed wandered the country dropping apple tree seeds everywhere? Paul Bunyan had an AMAZING BLUE OX?

Okay, now I want a blue puppy. 

Oh, wait. None of that is true? Fuck & Me. I’m going to blow up the world now. Who wants to live in a world where none of this is real? HOW DISAPPOINTING??!

[and for the simple minded, since there are so many of you – I’m over generalizing on purpose].

We are encountering an era where being politically correct, and being happy and positive is how we “should” feel all the time. But the fact is we shouldn’t. Nobody has any right to be “happy” 24/7 if they can’t recognize what happiness really is. 

A girl won’t sleep with you? Why on EARTH do you think that killing her, or anybody will suddenly make your virginity disappear? Unless you’re Muslim, 72 virgins aren’t going to fall at your feet. 

You have to WORK to earn money? You have to work to be somewhat smart to get a job? You can’t just rob a bank and steal to survive? 

Happiness is a choice. I have lived through a life that explains my tattoos, my colored hair, and my piercings all too well, but it doesn’t mean that I get to walk around scouring and wanting to murder everybody. I don’t get to walk around entitled and make you bow down to me because I have had a pretty crappy life. A lot of us have lives that we didn’t like. I can sit and stew and blame everybody around me for the fact that I don’t live the life of the millionaire-TV-Rockstar type. 

My life will never be handed to me on a silver platter. And I’m okay with that. I work for my money, and I do fairly well for a single mother. Not as well as I’d like, but better than most — even if it doesn’t always feel like it. But I am happy. I have the love of a wonderful man, and I don’t need him. I can absolutely get by without him. . . I don’t want to, and I’m not going to – in fact, I know I am going to spend the rest of my life with him. But knowing that I COULD manage without him just makes how much I love and want to be with him that much sweeter, and honestly will probably make our relationship that much more survivable. 

We need to teach our kids that failure is okay. We fail, we get up, we try again… we fail again, we try again… and we keep failing until we look back and realize that every single one of our failures was actually success. We just weren’t capable of seeing it then. 

We need to teach our kids how to work. How to earn. How to be curious about the world. How to analyze. How to question. How to respect that our opinions aren’t the only opinions. How to respect others. How to respect ourselves. 

There are SOO many factors that are creating the world we live in. 

Here is the truth of the matter. If you reach a point in your life where you feel the need to go kill several people before you kill yourself, or end up in prison for life [and doesn’t THAT sound like a much better life than you have now?] please spare society the pain of your whining, selfish, assaholic deed and skip the middleman. KILL YOURSELF AND YOURSELF ALONE.

We are becoming more and more anti-suicide as a culture and there are several campaigns fighting against it. I have a TWLOHA tattoo on my wrist that lets you know I care – if you need help, or want to talk… and are thinking about offing yourself, I am COMPLETELY here to help. Suicide is never the answer. I have thought about it. Never seriously, but I won’t lie – the thought as crossed my mind. It would absolutely be easier if I weren’t here. Easier on me, anyway. But then curiosity gets to me. I will die in time. . . but I need to know what else is in store for me.  

I would still rather see somebody who wants to die kill themselves than to read about them taking the lives of innocent children, men and women with them. 

If this makes me wrong, I don’t care. If you have an opinion about it, there is a comment section below. I am ALWAYS up for political and philosophical discussion. I’m even willing to admit that I am wrong as much as I am willing to play devils advocate to keep the conversation and the mutual learning between open minds going. My thoughts and opinions are generally free-flowing. I do ask that you acknowledge and respect facts [isn’t it interesting that the ‘facts’ of something like Global Warming, and the Bible being non-sense are okay, but the moment facts come out about opposing opinion rationale and logic both disappear and it becomes a purely illogical “oh yeah, well you’re a stupid head” debate?] and 

The guns laws are already there. The solutions are there. WE THE PEOPLE [read it on my chest] are the problem. WE need to obey the rules that WE created. We the People means that WE [you and I] are the ones in control, and we can’t ever forget that. The government was created BY THE PEOPLE [oh, that’s us. The simpletons. The voters. The informed and uninformed] and FOR THE PEOPLE [yup, still us]. 

Happy Flag Day, America! Please never stop questioning everything around you. 






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