@esurance (and all insurance), YOU suck and support abusers

It really pretty simple. I was married to a man who abused me. A lot. He never hit me, but 5 years after leaving him I am still pretty emotionally traumatized.

But we finally divorced. Updating my car insurance to change from married to divorced, my car insurance will go up by $280 a year. Its ALREADY $1582 a year. More on that in a minute.

Is the person who decided that divorced people should pay more a Catholic?!

I retained rights to the child. I pay rent. I raised my credit score from 535 November 2013 to 640 in a year. I have no real debt…

I have the most basic insurance, too. My lending company requires a $500 deductible.

I had been paying $140 a month for slightly better coverage, but became broke and lowered my payment and coverage. I got one ticket and my rates inched right back to the same amount…

Tickets? Yes. I have two. May of 2012 I got caught going 70 in a 60 within a mile of the speed limit change. I paid my $114 ticket, and my car insurance soared $50 a month for 3 years. Going 10 over for a mile cost me a whopping $1,800.

10 over, not an unsafe speed on a Washington Freeway. Especially when the scenery and road type didn’t change. 15 over? Sure. 10? Nope. In a school zone? Hell, yeah.

Mind you, I have been driving now for about 16 years. In Seattle traffic. In snow, rain, ice… And I have NEVER been in a single accident or made a single claim. When my roommate hit my car in his driveway, I ate the cost and fixed it myself.

Now I have moved to Colorado, where nobody seems to be able to drive… And my rates are going to climb to $190 a month.


Insurance companies, I have used you for next to nothing and you proceed to constantly rape me. I think it is time to get a cheaper car JUST so I can pay you less.

Trying to tell me that leaving my abuser means I am LESS responsible… I am going to find somebody to marry just so we can have a cheaper rate, I swear.

Between taxes and insurance, half of my income is spent… I get nothing, and the stockholders all get richer.

No. Peace of mind ISN’T worth $5k a year…


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