Fuck #CommonCore

That’s right. I said it. Point blank. Fuck common core. And I will keep swearing because it is appropriate to my reaction and opinion. This is NOT the time to be offended by a few simple letters that DO convey the severity of the problem. You should ALL be swearing, too.

When did children get so goddamn much homework in the SECOND GRADE?!? I do not enjoy dropping my child off at school before I go to work (since people get CPS called on them for letting their children walk home from the park alone TO a house with adults, and daycare prices are absurd, I have to work a shift where I can drop her off before work). Then when I get off work at 6pm I have to deal with traffic… So I pick her up at 7pm. We get home at 715… Because there is NEVER time for the grocery store after work if she is ever going to make bedtime of 8:30 to 9:00. Tonight we did half her homework, I haven’t ate yet and it 9:45pm.

I then have to eat (most of the time I have to sacrifice eating much myself to do her homework…. Which leaves me very very grumpy… Which does NOT help the homework side) and feed to dog and take her out, make my 7 year old read for 20 minutes and THEN spend what feels like an eternity explaining math concepts that she isn’t ready for… In a language that makes NO FUCKING SENSE to ANYBODY who is EVER going to use math beyond the 3rd grade. If we finish her homework without tears, it is a miracle, if we even finish it at all.

Why are we confusing children with 17 different ways to solve problems before they have mastered one? How is the “Expand” method really helpful when dealing with 7 digit numbers? No, she isn’t learning 7 digit numbers yet, but once you have the Base 10 addition and subtraction down, double digits is only momentarily mind melting before it just ‘clicks’.

But the Expand Method never reaches for that ‘click’.


For those unfamiliar with the EXPAND method, it takes simple math problems like 43 + 73 and turns them into a moronically long counting game.

First you add the ones column like this:

43, 44, 45, 46 (I assume you have to use fingers to tell you have gone 3 places)

Then you add the tens column like this:

46, 56, 66, 76, 86, 96, 106, 116 (again, I assume fingers are used.

How fucking stupid is that?!

So 21,745 plus 32,144 will be:

21,745… 21,746… 21,747… 21,748… 21,749…

21,749… 21,759…21,769…21,778…21,789…




”Oh, but we won’t require them to do it this way later.”

Then why the bloody hell are you teaching a technique that REQUIRES the use of fingers?

How is subtracting 20 from 60 easier than 2 from 6? All that grouping the 10s together does is make them say “0 – 0 is 0″…


Yeah. That makes sense. Oh? And the backside?


Makes just as much sense.

They encourage drawing pictures to solve basic problems and my daughter actually got a problem wrong on a test because she didn’t correctly get how many two squares was equal to…

This is a rough drawing because I am blogging from my phone, but the question on her test was set up like this:


The answer in the above example is 242. Squares are equal to 100, lines are 10s and lil dot things are 1s.

A square does NOT equal 100!!! This is NOT a fact!!

On top of that, the homework is filled with word problem trickery. And not just the “I hate word problems” problems we all hated in school, but epic mind fucks mascarading as second grade homework. If the adult who likes to study for the LSAT logic problems for FUN (yes, I hold intellect in high regard) has to take 4 minutes to find the answer out for herself… There is a problem here.

But I think I just figured out why. If I am spending 2 hours every night, delaying my own bedtime, then I simply cannot have enough time to do anything for myself. From thinking, to free time, to *gasp* watching the news.

Or I could quit my job, live off the government and actually be a “good” mom by being there for my daughters homework 5 hours a day…

Sometimes I think that would be easier, but I refuse to be a slave or make others be mine.

Maybe if our kids are all really stupid we will have to bring in immigrants to fill the jobs we are too dumb to take.

The bigger question I have been asking myself lately … When do I get to have free time with my daughter? When does she get to be a kid at home with us? We skipped school Thursday since my fiance and I both work weekends in order to go snowboarding as a family. Aside from being sick (rarely) the only time I allow skipping school is when the days events will be a field trip more educational than school will be.

My 7 year old has barely played in the snow before, much less sled in it and here she is boarding down the mountain her first day.

She is pretty damn awesome, and doesn’t deserve having so much homework this young. She doesn’t deserve homework that makes me have to be a “helicopter parent”. She doesn’t deserve to be graded as wrong on a question that is not a fact. She deserves the best, and common core isn’t it.

So if you haven’t said “Fuck Common Core”, you haven’t read enough about it.

Please do so.

Our futures, and our children’s futures are all at stake.


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