About Eternity

Hey! You found me. My name is Eternity. You’ll probably learn the most about my by reading my blog. I never really know just what to write in the “About Me” section, so I’ll do my best.

To start off: I know a little about everything, but not much about anything. I crave knowledge and opportunities to learn more. It has come in very handy, and I’m often asked the most random things by my friends and co-workers because there is a strong chance that I will have an answer or suggestion. I Google EVERYTHING. I also do as much for myself as I can. I’ve found that this craving for understanding things and how they work has become incredibly helpful in my everyday life because I can more often than not diagnose for myself what is wrong with my vehicle and often do a lot of the repairs myself. I love to read non-fiction, and I really enjoy writing.

I originally started this blog because I had lost my job. I’m currently employed, and I love my job.

Being somebody with excessive tattoos, some people think that getting or maintaining a good job is difficult. In reality, its no harder than if I didn’t have these things. I have a fantastic personality, great sense of humor, and value the basic morality of human nature. I treasure love, respect and integrity. But if you’re at all curious click here to see a copy of my resume.

As for my modifications I have ten tattoos, and eight piercings. I’m sure I’ll be asked this question several times, but I do not regret a single tattoo or piercing. In fact, I want more. I suspect that I’ll always want more. I have a whole list of tattoo’s and piercings that I would like. Currently I have my eyebrows tattoo’d in dots, I have my septum pierced, two piercings in my lip, I have the standard nose piercings on both sides, and I have two dermal implants as tear drops on either side of my eyes. These can either have the posts removed so they are barely noticeable specks on my face.

I also have a “We the People” tattoo on my chest with an eagle and United States flag showing my pride for our country, and the Constitution it was founded on.

I also have a daughter. A four-year-old named Londyn. She’s a ham and a half, and absolutely loves being the center of attention — which is the complete opposite of me. Its probably hard to believe, but I really do not enjoy being “seen”; however, I do enjoy my modifications because every single modification and choice in color of my hair is actually designed to enhance my eyes and make them stand out.

Chillin at IHOP

I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, and if I had more funds backing me would be working hard towards getting my AA, then my BA in Philosophy and eventually would like to go to Law School. But I am the only person in my life with money. And its running out quickly.

I have a rule that I have to pay for my half of everything. Its very hard for me to accept money from anybody, and anytime I’ve lived with a boyfriend – I paid for my half of the expenses [and with my husband, I paid for everything — and yes, I’m still bitter about that].

My ultimate goal is to have a Doctorate in Philosophy. Whenever I can I spend some extra cash to take a class online getting me closer and closer. I’m really not too terribly far from my AA.

Honestly, if you want to know more – just ask!




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