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@Brendan_Hines Called Me An Idiot, and I didn’t even know who he was…

The other day I popped onto Twitter, something I like to do every now and then. I’ll randomly Tweet replies to people trying to insight thought into the world… or piss them off [which is really my true goal].

One of the first tweets I saw after the Seattle Pacific University shooting was this:


Anybody who knows me knows that I’m pro-guns; however, I am very much anti-guns-in-the-hands-of-stupid-people. To do this I feel we need to work very diligently on creating less stupid people. I have not exactly figured out HOW we are going to do that, but I have ideas. Lots and lots of ideas.

My response to the moronic quote above was simply:

If I had a gun and was there, that shooter would be dead. If more people had guns there would be less shootings, if any.

To which he replied:


He didn’t reply to my next Tweets:

Ah, incorrect. For example The CO theater shooter specifically picked the theater BECAUSE it was a gun free zone.

If everybody had guns, and nobody wanted to live there, at least the would have the power to make that true.

I would rather live where citizens were armed and able than live in a fantasy world where the insane are the only sane.

Its insanity to think gun control will stop the death.

It didn’t dawn on me until yesterday, but at the time I had no idea that the person I was tweeting to was actually an actor from one of my all-time favorite TV Shows, “Lie to Me” [Seriously broke my heart when that show ended]. @Brenden_Hines was one of my favorites. Kudos to your acting skills, you play an intelligent man very well. Clearly great acting! 😉

As a thinker, and a planner, its a scenario I have ran over in my head a million times over. Not ONE time I’ve run over this idea have I considered that the best option for me is to be not carrying SOME sort of weapon. That being said, its been about nine years or so since I’ve handled a gun, though I was raised with them.

Truthfully, I’ve avoided guns due to the circumstances I was in, and the PTSD [and TSD while I was in it] from a severely emotionally abusive [or as one friend put it, torturous] relationship that has affected me on many levels. I sold the S&W .380 my dad gave me when there were visitors over at my and my then boyfriends house to pick up various forms of non-prescription recreational … yeah, I’ll just be blunt. Drugs [Weed, Mushrooms – the plants. Nothing really crazier than that.]

I wasn’t comfortable knowing that people knew there was a weapon in the house. At that point, the gun didn’t scare me, but the people around me terrified the crap out of me. It DEFINITELY didn’t help that I took this boyfriend shooting and he didn’t understand, know, or care to know and understand “The Rules”. It is VERY important if you’re shooting with me that you live by these rules. If you wave the gun around like a dumbass, then it’s clear you don’t understand or respect what is in your hands and it very well MAY go off unintentionally.

Aside from all of that, the issue with the world is NOT the weapon itself, but rather the people who are weilding it. We don’t need to take away guns from people. If we took away things that killed people then life as we know it would be AWFUL.

In 2012 there were 34,080 deaths from automobile accidents.

So much for cars! Clearly we don’t know how to use those.

In 2012 there were 69,071 deaths from Diabetes.

Damn you sugar, you gave me the sweet, sweet taste of death.

In 2012 there were 31,672 deaths by firearm in the United States.

(Somehow that feels a little high to me…)

In 2012 there were 8,855 murders by firearm in the United States

(Ah, there. That feels a little better. Where the hell are the rest of those numbers coming from?!)

Total ADD Moment:
At this point in my research, the numbers are hurting my brain. It’s 1am. Why am I still awake?

The United States is the Number 1 country when it comes to Rank of Ownership, that is, we have the most number of guns per capita at 88.8 firearms for every 100 people [damn, I didn’t expect that number at ALL.]

While the United States may have a large ownership of guns, we don’t tend to carry them around. I won’t lie, having a gun next to my bed is incredibly comforting, but what good is it if I’m not there? What good is it if its on the nightstand safe when I’m in the mall parking lot at night? What good is it if I can’t carry a weapon from work to my car when I park in a dark alley? What good is it to not even allow me to carry it in my car at work if I have to drive to the city later that day?

If I’m in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere, hell– the middle of somewhere!–and a gun is pulled on me [likely by a criminal who already isn’t allowed to have them], what should I do?

What good does ownership of a weapon do if we’re not allowed to have it with us when we might need it the most?

There are a LOT of things to consider in The Great Gun Debate, but the biggest one to consider has nothing to do with guns at all, and it has EVERYTHING to do with our children. I feel this blog is really going to need to become more. . . s0 more t0 come.

Despite all of this, I was watching Suits last night and saw Brendan on TV. I giggled and pointed and squealed “Hey, that’s the guy that called me stupid!”.

Brendan, thank you for once again making me realize that there are people out there that are irrational. I would be happy to discuss this further, but I’m pretty sure you’ve already made up your mind to stay closed.

[Now, if only I could convince him to adlib my name, “Eternity” into one of his lines as an acknowledgement to agree to disagree… what? I’m a writer… Girls got to have hope somewhere, right?]


Socialist Economy – Not Bad At First Thought.

It would be FANTASTIC to live in a world where we were all treated equally, and were all given the chance to have equal lives.

The idea of living in a Socialist Economy is not really a bad one when you first think about it. Who doesn’t deserve fantastic medical? Who doesn’t deserve a chance at a great paying job, home ownership, and being able to provide for their family at the same level as everybody else?

But there is a point where that cannot work. How do you make everything fair to everybody? How does medical afforded at the same level to all become a fair system to those who make the most?

As I write this, I want to point out a few things – I am NOT an expert, by any means. In fact, the only real skills I have are being creative, writing, and questioning everything.

I’m often accused of being Fox News brainwashed, and will openly admit to people that I do NOT trust Obama, I DO listen to Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity [and occasionally Rush Limbaugh]; however, I am always listening with a critical ear. I do not often take anything at face value. Nobody should.

Listening to NPR yesterday there was a story about Mobile Home Ownership and how difficult it can be when people do not own the land that their home, which they do own, sits on. This group, ROC,  goes out and helps find funding to help Mobile Home Owners become owners of the land. I love this idea! Its fantastic!


The story mentioned that “despite the name, Mobile Homes are not mobile”… but here is my problem with the whole situation. In the story its making it seem like the people who have done this didn’t do it to themselves. Except, they did.

Mobile homes ARE mobile. FAR more mobile than a standard stick-frame house. Mobile homes in trailer parks do not have foundations, and fairly often just sit on top of cinder block. When you either move a home into the park, or buy a home located in a park you are aware that you do not own this land. You pay monthly. But if you want to move your mobile home — there are costs involved, permits, trucks… labor — not to mention the cost of the land you are moving to.

If you do not think ahead and wonder to yourself “Okay, in ten years will I still be wanting to pay lot rent?” or “Will I be able to afford my space rental when I retire?” then that is on you. Poor planning. Poor consideration for your future, and the future of your family. Should you be stuck there? No. Can I understand why an elderly woman who should be retired is over-working herself so she doesn’t lose her home? Absolutely!

But, they did it to themselves.

When it comes to medical insurance, buying food, and the like… America has really gotten its priorities mixed up. Perhaps this is the wake of no longer spanking our children and teaching them the idea of consequences for their actions. Perhaps this is due to over spanking so much that consequences don’t mean anything since you’re damned either way.

What are the basic necessities of life? Food, water, shelter, clothing, heat…

Do we all need laptops, cell phones, ipads, ipods, lavish cars, more stuff than we know what to do with? Probably not. Do the people who complain over and over again that they have no money have many of these things that are NOT life essential? Absolutely. Do they buy these things rather than choosing to provide for their own basic needs? Some of them…

Do some people prefer to sit on their butts waiting for the world to change rather than taking the bull by the horns and making their world a better place for them? Far too often.

You and your family are YOUR responsibility. I am MY responsibility, and nobody elses. It is my job to improve myself, and my worth to keep up with this world. It is not ANYBODY else’s job to take care of me on a consistent basis. Do we all have our down moments and need a little help? Yes. And its perfectly acceptable to help your neighbors… but its not acceptable to use your neighbors as a crutch.

Yes. I am anti-Obama care. . . but the reason is because I cannot see how it will be sustainable. If you think I’m wrong, TELL ME WHY.

If you think that socialism (Communism Lite) is the right way to go, tell me why. Then go watch the episode of Fairly Odd Parents called “The Same Game” (Season 1, Episode 6). There is a reason we’re not all the same.

If we were all afforded similar incomes:

Would “brand name” clothing be as popular?

Would we be fatter or skinnier?

How could we tell the rich from the poor?

What would be the point of higher education?

What would be the point of any education?

What would be the point of ever trying anything?

What would be the motivation to be your best?

Why bother getting out of bed?

Senator Shortey – OK, You’re CRAZY. Embryos in Food??!

Crazy. Not a term one should use lightly, I’m told. That doesn’t stop it from being a regular part of this 80’s kid’s vocabulary. However, in this case there really is no other fitting word.


I was reading through the website of when stumbled across an article titled:

“Okla. senator wants ban on human fetuses in food”

Yeah. You read it twice, didn’t you. I did. Then I read it again REALLY slowly — just to be sure I read it right. I did. You did, too.

I’m shamed to admit this man is a Republican. Oklahoma, get this boy out of the office.

 A Republican state senator from Oklahoma City introduced a bill Tuesday that would ban the use of aborted human fetuses in food, despite conceding that he’s unaware of any company using such a practice

Of ALL THE IDIOTIC THINGS I HAVE READ, HEARD, or SEEN TODAY [and I watched the 2012 State of the Union Address by President Obama], this is by FAR the dumbest thing I’ve read in 2012.

Oh, and it gets better:

He also offered an amendment to a bill that would have allowed legislators to carry firearms anywhere in the state, including the floor of the House and Senate.

AND (Yeah. There’s MORE):

This year, Shortey has introduced a bill seeking a public vote on amending the Oklahoma Constitution to abolish the Court of Criminal Appeals.

I have decided to do a little research on this boy. Clearly to be this ignorant, or feel such trivial matters are worth consideration you must have reached the age of senility.


Well, then maybe this man knows what he’s talking about. Maybe he’s just ahead of his time in thought processes.

Damn It, Oklahoma!!

I was hoping that right now I’d go to Senator Shortey’s website to see that maybe there was more to this man than meets the eye. Seriously, I was looking for SOME redemtion for the man {maybe learn that they just didn’t put anything in the “Education” field yet). Instead, I was greeted with a poorly designed website and the hope that with my webskills and carnal internet knowledge I could go in to District 44 and run for his Senate Seat and WIN! Because clearly these people are uneducated idiots:


I hear crickets.

What does this man stand for? I have no idea. Apparently he was

First elected in 2010 to a heavily Hispanic district on the city’s south side, Shortey has grabbed headlines with other bills he’s introduced that have not become law. He sponsored a measure last year to crack down on illegal immigrants by authorizing law enforcement to seize their homes and vehicles, and to deny Oklahoma citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants.

Awesome job. A Hispanic area elected him, and then he basically said “GET OUT!” – OR he was elected by the non-Hispanics who could vote, and then just created a super hostile living environment for the non-Hispanics vs the Hispanics.

Either way… THIS GUY IS NUTS.

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