Eternity’s Tattoos


Copy, Subtract 26 years, Paste

Boondock Saints! Freshly done. . . October 2013



nerd2 nerd 10380128_10152444293244709_2987271178867189489_o 1537951_10152393117624709_7831913291924241034_o 1013152_10151905670559709_1436305987_n 1915500_177333314708_1620341_n 307444_10150332659294709_1689485140_n 377522_10150372073434709_2026141411_n 44687_426339949708_8242253_n 34471_411115364708_2127658_n 34618_409711874708_57854_n 38220_416908059708_6194555_n 31645_400138399708_6397323_n 33921_443544954708_4518968_n 10720_140698304708_2801649_n 29495_397652369708_6968761_n 1526283_10152170352499709_1001915337_n 1116112_10151752229954709_399301171_o 1013152_10151905670559709_1436305987_n 1012027_10151956395724800_164307542_n 734651_10151311286424709_487873566_n

Mt Baker 1.30.11


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